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Which platforms are supported by Super UI?

Super UI is created with pure C# code with no platform-specific script, this means, all platforms supported by Unity engine is supported with Super UI.

Which UI system is compatible with Super UI?

Super UI is based on Unity UI system (UGUI) and is fully compatible with it. In future versions, Unity UI Toolkit will be supported as well.

If I ran into a problem, how can I get support?

You can send an email to support-email (you can find it on asset page) with you invoice number or fill this form.

What if I need something specific? e.g. new UI element or system.

You can contact support or fill “Feature Request” form from above the site. If that feature is not already implemented, there are chances I make it. It will be free of charge, but will be included inside Super UI package.

Which Unity versions are supported?

Unity version 2019.4.15 and above is supported. If that change, you may see it here and also on asset page.

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